Hate is a strong word. ( 5 minute Free Write )

by codyrobertryan

How can I make the world a better place? Well to begin, getting rid of hatred. It seems almost unrealistic to do so but can you imagine getting rid of people who hated upon others for no absolute reason? I’m not talking bullying; however, the false accusations, the sore loser tantrums people pull and then the never ending attempt to bring down another human being for your own self inflicted actions. It’s more of a jealousy than a hate; therefore, i’d get rid of them both… hate and jealousy. Relationships. They can be done so much better, easily too. Don’t lie. I’m not talking the little white lie, no i’m talking about the big one when you feel like you are falling for someone but can’t admit to yourself or the other individual or on the contrary when you’re falling out of the relationship and just don’t know how or when to stop. Another thing that would make this world a better place; the absolute recognition of other people and their emotions. There will be days where you just don’t give a damn; we all get those days… tomorrow is brighter as they say… but move on. Just because you move on it doesn’t mean you have to forget everything in your past. We as humans were designed to remember from both our brain and our heart. The fact that we are unable to go 10 years without forgetting the touch of someone or the gut feeling of butterflies you first received when seeing someone walk into the room is a sign that were meant to keep the experience and not embrace it. Whether you’re wrong or right. Hate is a strong word.