Step Four: Initial Brainstorm about your topic

by codyrobertryan

Making people happy, bringing people together. Imagine being able to get hundreds, thousands of people in one room or event and making sure they all have a good time and leaving that event being able to remember the experience. I know it’s vague and broad, but music, entertainment, hosting and planning events… these are all ways of making people happy. How I will write on this as a final topic… still undecided. However, it will be developed as the week continues. I want something that I will be able to just turn on my laptop and continuously be able to keep writing without having to stress about doing so. I want it to be a fun read, for both the teacher and my peers. Lately, with the new material I’ve been reading, the voice of the words is the way I want to go (the technique i mean). It’s appealing to the eye, and easy for the brain… if that makes sense. The words just flow off the page and are tied together with almost every sentence if you’re enjoying your work or your read.