Step Three: Think about your program of study

by codyrobertryan

General Social Science. Think of the program as a bucket of tools you’re given but not taught how to use. For instance, you’re given a plastic spoon or fork and told to go hunt a bear in the woods. Somehow, at the end of it your expected to find a way to use the tools given from a bunch of different profiles; however, in the end it’s what you’ve learned that you can use in your future. Sounds complicated but it’s filled with programs and courses from one end of the spectrum to the other. You have the sciences, history, mathematics, physical education, arts… the list goes on. Meeting people, gaining future connections for your life is one advantage and one of things I like most about the program. General Social Science doesn’t control your brain to think in one state of mind but leaves you the option to explore and experience every aspect of the college life. Would I recommend the program to a friend? I want to say no. Only for the sole fact that, I’m still undecided in what I want to do with my future. One day it’s engineering and the other it’s becoming a Fire Fighter. If I could recommend one thing to a friend, it would be too choose a profile and use your gut when deciding and stick with the program to the end. You will somewhat have a better guarantee of where you want to go without waking up in the morning questioning what you will be doing with the next 10 years of your life.